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Plantmania at Cornerstone

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Experience Plantmania!

A Diverse Gardening Event for All Ages at Cornerstone Sonoma on April 14th from 11:00am – 2:00pm!


Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or have a budding green thumb, there’ll be something for everyone at Plantmania. This free event brings the community together for gardening and farming demonstrations,  and children’s gardening activities. Plantmania celebrates Sonoma’s local agriculture with hands-on learning activities for all ages.


Attendees will have access to purchasing seeds, plants and flowers hand-picked by our farm and horticulture team. Choose from a selection of tomato plants, cucumber, flowers, basic, lettuce, marigolds, and more! Speak directly with our Director of Horticulture, Steven Schwager and Farmer Landy of Tank House Farms for farm and garden advice. Come get your starters for your home garden like tomato plants, peppers, eggplants, and herbs. There will also be edible flowers and seeds to purchase.


Join Farmer Landy of Tank House Farms and Chef Casey Thompson of Folktable Restaurant for an unforgettable culinary experience! Delight in a dynamic demonstration and engaging discussion centered around the world of olive oil. Farmer Landy will impart his expertise on the cultivation and production of olive oil, providing insights into its rich history and versatile uses.
Experience firsthand as Chef Casey showcases the exceptional qualities of Tank House Farms’ olive oil in a delectable dish prepared on our giant outdoor grill. Marvel at the seamless fusion of fresh, quality ingredients and innovative culinary techniques, resulting in a creation that celebrates the essence of olive oil.



Farm Demonstrations in ‘The Studio’ at Cornerstone:

  • 11:30am Tomato Talk With Farmer Eric
  • 12:15pm Olive Oil & Honey Talk With Farmer Landy and Chef Casey Cooking Demo








Things To Do For Children:

Children’s activities include carrot gardening and seed planting with Sonoma 4H. An RSVP helps us make sure we have enough to go around for all the little ones. 


Join Charlies Acres, a farm and animal sanctuary as they provide FREE hands-on activities and learning experiences for children.



Hands-On Horticulture: Explore the Art of Potting at Plantmania [ BYO Pot To Plant]

Discover the art of planning and potting a variety of flowers, vegetables, herbs, and more in our upcoming event, Plantmania. Led by the green-thumb guru, Director of Horticulture, Steven Schwager, participants will gain insights into the art of laying out and potting their Plantmania plants. This hands-on experience is scheduled for Sunday, April 14th, from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm at the Plantmania event within Cornerstone Sonoma.


For this interactive session, attendees will need to bring their own pots, while we offer a delightful array of plants available for purchase, along with potting supplies and top-notch soil. Join us for a captivating and educational session as we dive into the world of potted plant perfection!



Details For Potting:

  • Pricing for Potting Supplies and Instruction: 6” pots & under = $10, and $5 every inch over. Guests may purchase plants from the Plantmania Sale to pot.
  • Additional Details: Bring your pot with drain holes, ensuring it doesn’t exceed 16×16 inches and can be hand-carried out.
  • Don’t forget to bring protective coverings for your car ride home! Feel free to bring your own garden gloves if you prefer to keep your hands clean during this green-thumb extravaganza!




event in the patio of the barn at harrow cellars

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